Thanks for the memories!

To Our Amazing Customers;

We had a wonderful time at the LAN this past weekend that merely reinforced what amazing people we've had the opportunity to work with.
That being said, we've decided it is time for the Those Light Signs adventure to come to an end. Life requires our attentions elsewhere, and I'd like my father to get to enjoy the most of his retirement years with as few commitments as I can manage.
We will take care of the handful of orders that came in this weekend, and we do have a very small (< 5) number of circuits we can put in blocks.
When we've exhausted that supply, we'll take the order form down.
We've really enjoyed all the support and wonderful designs people have let us bring to life over the last 7 years, and we will continue to attend PDXLANs in the future, because that's a community that can't be beat.
Thank you to everyone who let us light up the LAN and their designs.
-Kurt, Scott, and Kory
- aka Those Light Signs guys